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An overview of Power Apps Studio and Gallery

Microsoft Power Apps platform is increasingly gaining popularity as it does not require any prior app-building knowledge. Power Apps platform has an interface similar to other Microsoft applications which makes it easy to learn and transfer knowledge. Using Power Apps, you can quickly build a professional app using a wide range of data sources. Power Apps studio has an easy to use interface and the gallery provides various options to customize your app according to your requirements.

Power Apps Studio Overview

Power Apps Studio is the app designer to create or edit Power Apps Canvas apps. The main components of Power Apps Studio are listed below.Power Apps Studio Overview

  1. Property Bar: List of properties for the selected object. You can select the property and modify its value in the formula bar.
  2. Formula bar: Compose or edit a formula for the selected property with one or more functions.
  3. Properties Pane: Properties list for the selected object in UI format. It displays the same properties from the property bar but in UI format. One can modify the properties either from the property bar or from the properties pane.
  4. Screen: Primary canvas for composing the app structure. All controls, UI elements go inside the screen to build the app’s user interface.
  5. Tree view: Details pane with options relevant to the selected item. As the size of the screen is limited, at times it is difficult to select the required control. User can select the control always from the Tree view easily. Power Apps also follow layer discipline in the UI. Tree View helps to understand which control is at the top and which one is below another control. In the Tree view, user can recorder the control’s position and can rename them too.

Gallery – Important Properties, Controls & Icons

A Gallery control displays the records from a data source, and each record can contain multiple types of data. Below are the important properties of a Gallery control.Gallery - Important Properties, Controls & Icons

  1. Items property: This property determines the data source of the


  1. Layout Property: User can select different in-built layouts for a


  1. Controls/ Icons: Various information related to a record can be

displayed in a gallery with the help of different controls. Controls and icons are used to design the gallery and to link actions to be performed.


Understanding Power Apps studio and gallery is important to develop a well-configured, user-friendly app. Power Apps studio’s interface is designed to create and edit the application. Some important components of Power App studio are: property bar, formula bar, properties pane, screen and tree view. Gallery is used to display records from the data source. The gallery can be customized according to the requirements of the application. Some important elements of the gallery are items property, layout property, controls, and icon. This blog provides a brief introduction to the Power Apps studio and gallery options.

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