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Creating Statistical and Scientific Columns in Power BI | Power BI training in Melbourne

Our Power BI training in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other cities across Australia focus purely on the using Power BI to answer various business questions. Microsoft Power BI is software as a service (Saas) platform which consists of:

Power Query

Deals with Cleaning of Data and uses “M language” to achieve its purpose.

Power Pivot

Deals with Calculations that are performed on the data and uses “DAX” to achieve its purpose.

Power View

This is the Data Visualization part of Power BI.

What is Query Editor?

Query Editor is an interface for Query transformation in Power BI. It allows you to seamlessly prepare data for BI tasks. Query editor is the GUI where all the data transformation takes place. For the simpler data transformation tasks, no coding is required and all the transformations can be performed by just clicking on the correct button.

Getting Started

To get started:
  1. Click on the Home tab in the ribbon.
  2. From the External Data section, click on Edit Queries.
  3. Select Edit Queries from the drop-down menu to enter the Query editor.

A new window opens showing the interface for Microsoft Power BI Query Editor.

Creating Columns in Power BI

Columns are created in Power BI to enrich the raw data.

To understand what raw data is: http://staging3.powerbitraining.com.au/what-is-raw-data-power-bi-training/

We collect data from any primary or secondary source but to draw out insights from this data we need to transform it into information. Raw data is a collection of facts and figures before it goes through a transformation. Created columns act like a cherry on the cake by providing just the right value for each row and transforming the data into information. Using the query editor, the following columns can be created:

In this blog post, creating statistical and scientific column has been discussed.

Creating Statistical Column

Statistical calculations can be performed in Power BI using Statistical column feature.

To find statistics:

1.Click on Sales Table in the Queries Pane.

2.Click on Product Code column. 

3.Click on Transform Tab in the Ribbon Menu.

4.Click on Statistics in the Number Column section. 

Creating Statistical and Scientific Columns in Power BI

5. Click on Count Values.

Creating Statistical and Scientific Columns in Power BI

An aggregated view showing the result is created.

6. Now in the query steps section, Click on the cross to the left of the last step.

Creating Statistical and Scientific Columns in Power BI

7. Now, click on Product Code column and click on Transform Tab in the Ribbon Menu.

8. Click on Statistics in the Number Column Section.

9. Click on Count Distinct Values.

Creating Statistical and Scientific Columns in Power BI

Creating Scientific Column

Scientific Columns can also be created in Microsoft Power BI. They are suitable for data that require scientific computations.

Using scientific column, you can perform the following computations:

  • Absolute value
  • Power
  • Square Root
  • Exponent
  • Logarithm Factorial.
Creating Statistical and Scientific Columns in Power BI

Statistics, Standard and Scientific column feature is available in both Transform and Add Column Tabs in the Ribbon Menu. It is important to choose the right tab to get the desired functionality. Transform tab transforms the very column on which the computation is performed.  Whereas, Add New Column creates a new additional column where the computations are shown.


Data transformation is an essential topic of both basic and advanced Power BI trainings because data must be transformed to a format that is suitable for fast and precise data processing and for efficient reporting.  Data Transformation involves a wide range of operations such as identifying data sources and data types, cleaning data by removing errors and duplicates along with enriching data and performing aggregations. In this blog post, the method for creating statistical and scientific column using the Power BI query editor has been discussed.

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