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Finding the trend line in your data using Advanced analytics in Power BI

Reporting is the Core of Power BI training in Sydney as well as Power BI training in Melbourne. Reporting refers to findings valuable insights from the data using Power BI, Excel or any other tool. 

One of the most interesting aspects in Power BI is that it allows you to analyze time-based data as well as the ability of finding trends. In terms of reporting, a trend can simply be a fine curve representing data points or as simple as a line chart connecting different data points spread over a frame of time.  

Likewise, one can witness a trend in the other perspective that is based on analysis. Therefore, keeping these points in mind, this blog is going to enable you to learn how to find, as well as analyze the trend line in your data using advanced analytics in Power BI.  

Trend Line allows you to understand what your data really means. It enables you to recognize as well as comprehend the behavior of your data. Analyzing the trend line is extremely beneficial as with such an information one can easily mold or tune their Key Performance Indicators for future. Power BI provides you with numerous other advanced analytic features to learn and make the most of out of it.

Therefore, without waiting any further, let us dive into POWER BI and get our data.

It is as easy as clicking on the Get Data button under the Home Ribbon. 

A drop-down menu will appear and provide you with a number of options.

You can choose any file from the listed below most Common files to fetch your data. 

This will import the data from your selected file onto the Power BI Desktop. 

Likewise, you can also click on More to navigate through other options to import your data.

Moving on, this is how our data model looks after fetching the data, which in our case, from excel file.

To Draw a Trend Line for your data, first draw a line chart to visualize the trend in your data Please see the BLOG.

  1. Click on Advance Analytics Tab in the Visualization Pane.

2. Click on Trend Line. Click Add. Click on Average Line. Click

3. Slicers are necessary to provide accurate data visualizationSelect Camping Equipment from Product Line Slicer.

Trend Line (black) shows an increasing trend. During the year 2016, the quantity of products sold under the category of camping equipment was below the average line (green). However, in the year 2017, the quantity of products sold surpassed the average.


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