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Importing or Exporting a Power App

Power Apps Essentials training is designed to assist the business users in developing a complete end to end application without having to learn the app development skills in detail. This training is conducted by Microsoft Certified trainers who ensure that the training covers practical examples and address the requirements of the attendees. One of the common requirements is the functionality of version control. As versions are available only up to 6 months under App versions, therefore it’s not possible to restore the Canvas app to very old versions. Users can export the App and save the package in local drive and restore the app from the saved package at any time in future.

Power Apps Canvas apps can be imported from any package file which was originally exported from the same or different Power Apps Canvas App environment. Associated flows and database need to be exported and imported separately. Exported App package is only to export and import the App design and functionality.

Export Canvas App

Below are the steps to Export a Canvas App,

  1. Select the App.
  2. Click on Ellipsis.
  3. Click on “Export package”. It will take you to the below screen.Export package
  4. Name the App.
  5. Select the Import Setup as “Create as new” or “Update” as per the requirement.

If you wish to save the app package as new but it is showing as Update, you can change it from Update to New. Click on the Update, a pop-up window will appear where you can select it to Create as new.

  1. Click on “Export” button.Export

The package should get downloaded automatically. If not, you can download the package manually by clicking the “Download” button.

Import Canvas App

Below are the steps to Import a Canvas App,

  1. On the Power Apps Home page under Apps tab, Click on the “Import canvas app button”.Import canvas app button
  2. Click on “Upload” button.Upload button
  3. Select the Exported package which you want to import.
  4. Click on “Open” button to upload the package.

Once the package is uploaded, it will go to the next screen. Need to rename the App as required and select other associated resources to enable the import.

  1. Click on the “Import” button to import the app.Import

Once Imported successfully, it will display the below notification screen showing import successful.notification screen


Microsoft Power Apps provides the business users with an easy-to-use platform where they can develop Apps for their businesses without having to learn the app development in detail. Power apps platform comes with an inherit version control functionality which keeps a track of the app versions during the development. However, the limit for record keeping is 6 months so the users often tend to export the app and save it in their local systems. This exported app can then be imported into the Power apps platform. This blog provides a step by step guide on how to export an app package and then import it so that it can be used.

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