Power BI Online Training

This course offers a complete, in-depth introduction to Microsoft Power BI tool by providing hands-on experience using Excel spreadsheets. During this course, users will be introduced to Power BI products and features essential to develop a BI solution.

Power BI Basic Training Overview

Microsoft Power BI is Business Intelligence tool developed by Microsoft to help users to visualize and understand the patterns in their data. In this session, you are going to explore different components of Power BI and learn how to develop a BI solution using Microsoft Power BI. This course also bridges the gap between Excel and Power BI and lays the foundation for the advanced courses

Power BI Training Key Features

✅ 6 hours of enriched learning

✅ Course completion certificate

✅ Lifetime access to self-paced learning

Skills Covered

✅ Desktop layout

✅ Builtin aggregations

✅ Reports and dashboards

✅ DAX commands and functions


  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop installed.
  • A valid zoom ID to support interactive session.
  • Familiarization with basic excel functions.


  • Fully Interactive Session.
  • Hands on training.
  • Instructor-led Training.
  • Microsoft Certified Trainers.


The global business intelligence (BI) market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% by 2024. Also, Gartner predicts the business intelligence market alone to go from $18.3 billion in 2017 to $22.8 billion by 2021.

Prerequisite :

This course is suitable for people having an experience in Excel functions such as VLOOKUP. Prior knowledge of Power BI or any other reporting tool is not required. However, familiarization with business terminologies such as revenue and profit is a plus.

Who should take This Training Course?

This course is suitable for Excel users who want to develop a fully interactive and visually appealing BI solution. This course is also suitable for SQL (or similar database) users who want to enhance their reporting by using state-of-the art BI tools. Here is the schedule for upcoming training 

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Course Outline

  • Introduction To Business Intelligence
  • Importance Of Business Intelligence In Organizations
  • How Bi Insipres Efficient Decision Making
  • Inefficient Business Processes
  • Discover New Opportunities
  • Types of BI
    • Managed BI
    • Partially Managed BI
    • Self Service BI
  • Getting Raw Data
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Enrichment
  • Visualization
  • Sharing And Collaboration
  • Introduction To Power Bi
  • Comparison Of Traditional Bi Vs. Self-Service Bi
    • Loss Of Valuable Time And Resources
    • Data Explosion And Multiple Email Exchanges
    • Working With Repetition And Outdated Data
  • How Does Power Bi Solve These Problems?
  • Direct Connectivity Using Power Bi Data Connectors
  • Automated Data Transformation
  • Efficient Data Processing
  • Instantaneous Updates And Permission Control
  • Powerful Business Insights On The Run!
  • Power Bi Desktop
  • Power Bi Service
  • Power Bi Report Server
  • Power Bi Mobile
  • Power Bi Licensing Options
    • Power Bi Free Vs. Power Bi Pro
    • Power Bi Premium
  • Competitors Of Power Bi
  • Competitive Advantages Of Power Bi
  • Getting Started With Power Bi
    • Setting Up Office365 Enterprise E3 Trial Account
    • Signing Up For Power Bi Pro
    • Downloading Power Bi Desktop
  • Exploring Power Bi Desktop Navigation
  • Ribbon Menu
  • Tab Menu
  • Visualizations And Fields Pane
  • Power Query Editor
  • Query Editor Ribbon Menu
  • Getting Data From Data Sources
    • File
    • Database
    • Power Bi
    • Azure
    • Online Services
    • Other
    • Getting Data From Website
  1. Getting Data From Access Database
  2. Getting Data From Azure Database
  3. Getting Data From Sql Database Using Sql Statements
  • Getting Data From Excel
  • Selecting Queries Via Navigator
  • Removing Blank Rows From The Top
  • Using First Row As A Header
  • Removing Blank Columns And Choosing Relevant Columns
  • Renaming Column Names
  • Selecting The Right Data Types
    • Number Data Types
    • Date/ Time Data Types
    • Text Data Type
    • Boolean Data Type
    • Changing Data Type
    • Formatting The Data Type
    • Data Categories
    • Address/City/Continent/Country/Region
    • Latitude/Longitude
    • Place/Postal Code/State Or Province
    • Web Url/Image Url
    • Barcode
    • Changing The Data Category
  • Data Cleaing
    • Removing Errors
    • Cleaning And Trimming The Text
    • Correcting Spelling Mistakes
  • Data Wrangling
    • Adding Year Column & Filtering Out Data Based On Condition
    • Filling Down
    • Splitting Column By A Delimiter
    • Changing Case Of A Column
    • Filtering Out Data Based On Product Line
    • Removing Duplicates
  • Merge Query And Expanding Table
  • Exploring And Editing Applied Steps
    • Renaming And Changing Property Of An Applied Step
  • Checking Repeatable Workflows
  • Exploring Code Behind Every Step & Advanced Editor
  • Understanding Data Modeling
  • Primary Keys (Or A Unique Identifier) And Foreign Keys
  • Deleting Relationships
  • Hiding Datasets And Fields
  • Creating New Relationships
    • Pin & Drag
    • Manage Relationships
    • Editing Relationships
  • Cardinality And Cross Filter Direction
  • Why Is A Data Model More Efficient Than A Flattened Data Set?
  • What Is Dax?
    • Defining Calculated Columns
    • Defining A Calculated Measure
  • What Is Data Visualization?
    • Canvas
    • Visualization Panel
    • Fields Panel
  • Creating A Default Visual (Table)
    • Formatting A Table
  • Creating And Formatting A Column Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Card Visual
  • Filled Map Visual
  • Bar Chart
  • Matrix
  • Treemap Visual
  • Bubble Map Visual
  • Getting Custom Visuals From The Store
  • Creating A Custom Visual: Sankey Chart
  • Creating A Custom Visual: Radar Chart
  • Understanding Visual Interaction
  • Visual Interaction States
  • Editing Visuals Interaction
  • Creating And Formatting A Slicer
  • Types Of Filters
    • Visual Level Filter
    • Page Level Filter
    • Report Level Filter
    • Drillthrough Filter
  • Editing Visual Level Filter
  • Adding New Visual Level Filter
  • Applying Page Level Filter
  • Applying Report Level Visual
  • Applying Top N Visual
  • Drillthrough Filters
  • Custom Visuals: Enlighten World Flag Slicer
  • Custom Visuals: Chiclet Slicer
  • Focus Mode
  • Export Data/Show Data
  • Spotlight
  • See Records
  • Exclude/Include Records
  • Page Options
  • Inserting Image And Text Box
  • Phone Layout
  • Help And File Options
  • Guided Learning
  • Documentation
  • Training Videos
  • Power Bi Blog Andcommunity
  • Community Gallery
  • Submit An Idea
  • Solution Templates
  • Workspace
  • Introduction To Samples
  • Getting The Sample Reports
  • Learning From Samples
  • Overview Of Q & A
  • Creating A Visual Using Q&A
  • Using Aggregations And Visuals
  • Some Other Examples Of Q & A
  • What Is Power Bi Service
  • Datasets
  • Reports
    • Changing The Report View
    • Editing The Existing Report
    • Publishing Report To Web
    • Generating A Qr Code For Report
  • Dashboards
    • Pinning Visuals To Dashboard
    • Navigation & Tools Of Dashboard
    • Navigation & Tools Of Dashboard Explained
    • Difference Between A Report And A Dashboard
  • Workbooks
  • Understanding The Navigation
  • Working With Filters
  • Export To Power Point
  • Getting Data Directly In Power Bi Service
  • Content Packs
  • Databases
  • Online Services
  • Files
    • Converting Excel File To A Table
    • Importing / Uploading Excel File In Power Bi Service
  • Data Source
  • Page
    • Interactive Visuals
    • Pinning Slicers
    • Natural Language
    • Adding Tiles And Creating Alerts On Card Tile
    • Testing The Alert
    • Pinning A Live Page
  • Customizing Dashboard For Mobile View
    • Sharing Dashboard
  • Introduction To Quick Insights
  • Generating Quick Insights For Our Sales Report
  • Generating Quick Insights For A Visual
  • What Is Power Bi Publisher?
  • Downloading Power Bi Publisher For Excel And Enabling Power Bi Publisher For Excel
  • Pinning A Visual From Excel To Power Bi
  • Updating Visuals
  • Signing In To Power Bi Mobile
  • Working With Power Bi Mobile Dashboard
  • Annotating And Sharing A Visual
  • Working With Power Bi Mobile Reports

Frequently Asked Question

Our training courses are suitable for users who have a good Excel/SQL background and feel comfortable with using EXCEL functions such as VLOOKUP. We provide provide basic and advanced level courses to develop skills in Power BI tool. 

Our Power BI basic training course is suitable for users having experience in EXCEL concepts such as VLOOKUP and Pivot table. No prior Power BI knowledge is required. However, for the advanced training course, one must have completed the basic course and/or has basic level skills in Power BI. 

Australia’s job market is skill driven in general. Our training courses are conducted by industry Pros using business data for training.  This is a perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to get a real insight of how businesses function.

It is a BI tool developed my Microsoft. It is tailored to meet the requirements of self-service BI solution.  

Power BI now has more than 5 million subscribers, who are using the service to take in business data and create dashboards they can use to better understand their businesses.

While this varies from session to session, we typically have 5 – 7 students in our classes. We cap our classes at 10 students. This is to ensure the quality of training remains high and that all students can ask questions and engage in discussion.

Yes, Book and pay 1 month in advance to save 10%.Register and pay for 3 or more people at the same time to receive 25%+ disc.

Trainer’s Information:

Ali Asghar Noorani is Business Intelligence Consultant and Director at AMZ Consulting Pty Ltd, a company founded to help business users understand what their business data is telling them and use the Power of Data. He is Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) with years of Industrial and Training Experience in Australia, UAE and Pakistan. He is the author of 2 courses on Power BI for business users comprising of 600+ pages and 100+ exercise files.

Ali possesses years of practical experience in querying, transforming, modeling, enriching & visualizing data, using latest technologies and languages such as T-SQL (Transact-SQL), VBA Macros, Power BI, Power Query, Power Pivot and DAX and then producing fabulous reports & dashboards to deliver actionable insights to businesses.