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The Essence of Power BI in Business Today

Power BI has set a benchmark for the contemporary business intelligence encompassing 185 countries, 45,000 organizations and over half a million users all over the globe. What is even more thrilling is the news that Gartner recognizes Microsoft as a leader in BI platforms and Analytics for 11 consecutive years.

It can be said without a shred of doubt that Microsoft Power BI Training has lend a major hand to transform a humongous amount of businesses in every corner of the world with the help of self-service analytics.

This shows that a large lot of potential businesses have entrusted Power BI as their analytic podium solution and here is why:

Top reasons why businesses choose Power BI:

  • Power BI desktop provides users with an opportunity to start free. Then businesses have a choice either to get individual user licenses at a low cost or to utilize the Power BI Premium option for broadly extending their business intelligence. In addition, Power BI becomes quite user friendly as it integrates well with their existing tools.
  • Businesses can analyze, model, record and compile to deliver business insights with Power BI’s advanced analytics solutions. Owing to the flexible architecture of the solution, incorporation with technologies for efficient deployment, Microsoft and third party applications has never been this easy before.
  • It enables the organizations to distribute and deploy BI content within minutes. IT governance of Power BI equips the firms well with the agility of self-service analytics. Moreover, this BI solution deployment is supple enough for the organizations to deploy wherever they reside within global presence. Power BI takes the responsibility of guaranteed performance and reliability from a trusted company.
  • Businesses always have a serious concern regarding data security and to control accessibility and usage of that data. Power BI ensures strict compliance with industry certifications and standards so there is nothing for companies to worry about and they can be assured of being in safe hands.

Power BI: Success Stories

Here are some Success stories of how everyone, from Power BI Basic Training Course to Power BI Advance Training Course, is making the best use of Power BI:

  • A health facility in Norway Helse Vest operating 50 healthcare facilities were asked to arrange, forecast and provide details on the medical data to ensure reporting necessities and quality measures across all hospitals and care teams.
  • In order to do so they had to group together data from all the 10 hospitals, combining them for analysis and finally drafting reports. Previously, this process used to take at least 14 days. Nevertheless, thanks to implementation of Power BI solution, the process now takes even less than a day. Yes, you heard it right.
  • For all the football fans out there, you would be delighted to know that the leading sports franchise in the world – Real Madrid – analyzes social media content using the Business Intelligence solution to tailor the marketing campaigns for their 450 million supporters worldwide.
  • As majority of the club’s fan reside outside of Spain so reaching the stadium is not feasible and easy for everyone. Therefore, Real Madrid needed the technology solution to gather and evaluate data on its fans as their CEO José Ángel Sánchez says that they want to connect with all the supporters of Real Madrid in the world. It is important to learn and understand them, as the club belongs to them.
  • Likewise, the team at Metro Bank in London is putting to use Power BI solution in order to provide effective and efficient information for decision-making and guide analysis as they say that they do not want to create customers but fans.

Hence, Power BI Training is proving to be a reliable partner for every business in every corner of the world. There is a long list of other countless success stories. What is stopping you to be a part of those 500,000 plus users who discovered their true potential using Power BI?




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