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Using Microsoft Excel as a Database to Create a Power App

Our Power Apps training in Australia covers all the basic concepts for getting started with Microsoft’s Power Apps Platform. The training course helps you to create a fully configured power app in just a few hours of instructor-led training. The most commonly used data bases for creating a Power App are Share Point and Excel. This blog post covers the method of creating Power App using Excel as a data base. However, if you’re interested in learning how to use SharePoint as a data base for creating a Power app then click on the link below:

Microsoft Excel as Database

Like SharePoint, PowerApps can be created from Excel Tables saved in Microsoft OneDrive. Below are the steps to create a Power App from Microsoft Excel.

  1. In PowerApps Home Page, Click on
  2. Select Excel Online, it will take you to the Connections Screen as shown below.Microsoft Excel as Database
  1. Click on New connection.New Connection

When you connect OneDrive/OneDrive for Business for the first time, you need to click on the New Connection. But once the connection is created, the OneDrive/ OneDrive for Business connection will be displayed in the below existing list of connections like SharePoint connection is displayed in the above screenshot. One needs to just click on the existing OneDrive connection to connect an Excel file to the app. When you click on New Connection, a list of all connections will be displayed as shown in below screenshot.Existing Connection

  1. Select OneDrive or OneDrive for Business, whichever is the source.Source Selection
  1. Click on Create button from above screen to create the OneDrive/ OneDrive for Business Connection for the first time.
  2. Click on OneDrive/ One Drive for Business under Connections.
  3. Choose the Excel File where data is saved.Excel File Location
  1. Choose the Table where Data is saved.
  2. Click on the Connect button to create the Power Apps Canvas App.Connect-Power Apps Canvas App

Microsoft Power Apps will automatically create the app in Phone Layout.

But What is a Phone Layout?

Phone Layout is the layout of the app to use the app in mobile phones. Default orientation is portrait mode which can be changed to landscape mode manually. Power Apps automatically creates a Canvas App with 3 screens in mobile layout. The screens are:

Browse Screen

Gallery displaying all the items with search & sort option.Browse Screen

Data Screen

To view the details of a selected item from Browse Screen.Data Screen

Edit Screen

To add a new item or to edit the details of a selected item from the Browse Screen.Edit-Screen


Microsoft Excel is still one of the most widely used medium for communication in organizations. Excel is easy to use and maintain. These excel tables can also be used as data bases for developing a Power app. This blog presents a step-by-step guide in creating a power app using excel data base.

If you found Power Apps interesting and can envision a business app then here’s the link a full-day training session with our Microsoft Certified trainers:

Power Apps Essentials

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