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We look around, observe new facts and draw conclusions. In this process, we collect raw data from some source, interpret it by our thinking and based on our knowledge and past experiences, we make a decision. Data is everywhere. It is just a value assigned to an entity to describe it or measure it. It can be qualitative or quantitative.

For instance, look at the picture of these chairs. What we can say about it? They are chairs, one is more comfortable than the other. What materials they are made of, certainly add to their life and so on. Even commonplace items of daily use have a lot of data attached to them.

Raw data after some thought-process and structuring suddenly becomes purposeful and converted into information. This data wrangling or munging helps us much in making right decisions.

We collect data from any primary or secondary source but to draw out insights from this data we need to transform it into information. Raw data is a collection of facts and figures before it goes through a transformation. Raw data needs to be transformed by removing outliers, mistakes, and errors. To be converted into information, raw data needs proper formatting and analysis. First, we remove all the errors like extra spaces, spelling mistakes, etc. then we make use of dedicated tools and software for analysis and visualization.

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